Paola Cascante-Bonilla

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Rice University advised by Prof. Vicente Ordóñez Román, working on computer vision and language. I received a Master of Computer Science at the University of Virginia and my B.S. in Engineering at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Previously I spent 10 years working as a Software Engineer at different Tech Companies. Here is my CV.


03/2022. One paper accepted to #CVPR2022. Project page:
01/2022. Co-organizing the LatinXinCV research workshop at CVPR 2022. Co-chairing the Mentorship Program.
01/2022. I'm moving to Houston, TX to continue my PhD at Rice University.
12/2021. I'm returning to the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab as a PhD Intern Researcher next Summer. []
11/2021. One paper accepted to BMVC 2021. It's all about image patches grid_on and evolution! sync_problem
09/2021. Got my Master's in Computer Science at the University of Virginia. GPA 4.0.
05/2021. Featured as the talent of May in the Costa Rican Talent Network Abroad (Ticotal). National Science Academy, Costa Rica.
01-10/2021. Co-organizing the LatinXinCV research workshop at CVPR 2021, ICML 2021, ICCV 2021. Co-chairing the Mentorship Program.
02/2021. Curriculum Labeling got accepted to AAAI 2021.
01/2021. Accepted a Summer PhD Internship at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. []
08/2020. Invited to give a workshop at the International Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (RIIAA).

Moviescope: Large-scale Analysis of Movies using Multiple Modalities.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Kalpathy Sitaraman, Mengjia Luo, Vicente Ordonez.               
[arxiv] [project page] [bibtex]
Media coverage: techxplore article
SimVQA: Exploring Simulated Environments for Visual Question Answering.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Hui Wu, Letao Wang, Rogerio Feris, Vicente Ordonez.
2022 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR 2022.
New Orleans, Lousiana. June 2022. [arxiv] [bibtex]
Evolving Image Compositions for Feature Representation Learning.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Arshdeep Sekhon, Yanjun Qi, Vicente Ordonez.
The 32nd British Machine Vision Conference. BMVC 2021.
Virtual Conference. November 2021. [arxiv] [bibtex]
Curriculum Labeling: Revisiting Pseudo-Labeling for Semi-Supervised Learning.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Fuwen Tan, Yanjun Qi, Vicente Ordonez.
The 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI 2021.
Virtual Conference. February 2021. [arxiv] [code] [bibtex]
Drill-down: Interactive Retrieval of Complex Scenes using Natural Language Queries.
Fuwen Tan, Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Xiaoxiao Guo, Hui Wu, Song Feng, Vicente Ordonez.
Conf. on Neural Information Processing Systems. NeurIPS 2019.
Vancouver, Canada. December 2019. [arxiv] [bibtex]
Chat-crowd: A Dialog-based Platform for Visual Layout Composition.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Xuwang Yin, Vicente Ordonez, Song Feng.
North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. NAACL 2019. System Demonstrations.
Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 2019. [arxiv] [project page] [code] [bibtex]
Variational Image Captioning Using Deterministic Attention.
Paola Cascante-Bonilla, Hyun Jae Cho, Alphonse N Akakpo.                     
[report] [code]

Work Experience

IBM Research.
Research Intern in the Vision Group at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.
Exploring simulated environments for Visual Question Answering.
Manager: Rogerio Feris. Mentor: Hui Wu.
May 2021 - Aug 2021.
Senior Sofware Engineer.
Dec 2012 - Jul 2018.
Growth Acceleration Partners.
Sofware Engineer.
Feb 2010 - Oct 2012.
Sofware Engineer.
Nov 2009 - Feb 2010.
Softland Costa Rica.
Sofware Engineer.
Jul 2008 - Nov 2009.
Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
System Analyst.
Mar 2007 - Jul 2008.

Professional Service
Reviewer: BMVC 2021, AAAI 2022, CVPR 2022, ECCV 2022.

Diversity and Inclusion
Co-organizing the LatinX in CV Workshop @ CVPR2021, ICCV 2021, ICML 2021, CVPR2022. Co-chairing the Mentorship Program.


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